About AGCT

With a rich port history with over 50 years of industry experience, we seek to take advantage of our geographic position and provide an efficient gateway to Central and South East Europe

Recognizing that we are just one part of the logistics chain, we strive provide a seamless product ensuring all rail and road hinterland connections are met and providing additional services for your container.  

With continuous investment in people, new technologies and infrastructure we are committed to meet customer requirements.



Our geographical position in the North Adriatic with excellent rail and road connections to Central and South - East Europe

Whilst being largest port in Croatia, majority of our volumes are for other destinations including Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech, Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia

Over 40% of all cargo is transported by rail

Balanced import and export volumes

Direct connection to the highway system and railway station on site, with minimal shunting and ability to avoid any traffic bottlenecks

Recently expanded intermodal rail terminal with adequate capacity

Access to nearby warehousing, transport and container depots